Especiales Ultravoz Indie Rock and Folk, La Neo Psychedelia, Shoegaze and Dreampop, Post Punk, New Romantic and New Wave.
From 00 to 04 am
From Monday to Sunday

Especiales is a journey through the most important moments of Ultravoz that have happened in the week.
We review the best of Indie Rock and Folk, Neo Psychedelia, Shoegaze and Dreampop, Post Punk, New Romantic and New Wave.

Patrones de Sonido Krautrock, Math Rock
From 04 to 06 am
From Monday to Sunday

A genre that emerged in the late 1960s and is usually considered a term that qualifies progressive rock, psychedelic rock or experimental rock bands that emerged in Germany.
The Krautrock is present in Ultravoz, its origins and new achievements.

Ruido Blanco Modern Jazz
From 06 to 08 am
From Monday to Sunday

Various fused musical styles that give rise to works that are based on Electronic or purely acoustic sounds, you will find works that are close to Jazz, Soul, Folk, Ambient music or music that is not defined in a specific style.

Indies Indie Folk and Rock
From 08 to 12 am
From Monday to Friday
From 08 to 10 am
Saturdays and Sundays

A style that began in the 50s, with the passage of time it evolved.
Independent music today gives us a range of styles fused with its main sources as, Folk and Rock.

Road Song Jazz
From 12 to 01 pm
Every Saturdays

In Road Song we will embark on a delicious and musical journey through the history of jazz and blues, which allows us to enjoy music, just as we do on those long and exciting routes, which we have all done by road, and which we all we remember for the songs that accompanied us.
Our trip will be organized based on the evolution of different instruments present in the history of jazz, and from there we will discover the most outstanding instrumentalists of each era and of each instrument.
Jordi Arredondo will accompany you every Saturday and will be in charge of presenting an artist to you every week.

Fusiona2 Funk fusion and more
From 10 to 12 pm
Saturdays and Sundays

Get out of the musical wheel, explore sounds that don’t fit into any style.
Musicians who create sounds without prejudice, mix jazz with electronic music or soul with funk or hip hop.
Musicians who design infinite beats and loops on atmospheres that aim to keep the rhythm.

Los Románticos New Romantic and New Wave
From 12 to 02 pm
From Monday to Sunday

In the 80s, glamour and synthesizers invaded the clubs and undergrounds, generating a visual and aesthetic movement that originated a new musical style called, New Romantic.

The first hour, the sounds of Los Románticos travel back in time in search of the essence of New Wave and New Romantic.

In the second hour, the present of the bands who were influenced by the sounds of the eighties.

Sobre las Olas Neo Psychedelia
From 02 to 04 pm
From Monday to Sunday

Neo Psychedelia is a style that emerged in the late 1970s in Post Punk circles. Although he has mainly influenced Alternative Rock and Indie bands.
Neo Psychedelia can include snippets of Psychedelic Pop, jingling guitar rock, heavily distorted free form improvisations, or recording experiments

Multiculturales Spanish Rock
From 04 to 06 pm
From Monday to Friday

Multiculturales is, in essence, a fusion between sounds from Latin America and Europe, with the same common thread, cultural and musical exchange.

We review the new releases music of sounds mainly in Spanish, but we do not forget the sources, the classics.

Las Brujas de Alins Classic Rock, Desert Rock, Stoner Rock
From 04 to 06 pm
Saturdays and Sundays

Rock is a genre that coexists in hundreds of styles and influences in very different ways.
This space is a journey that begins in the past and more precisely in the rock of the 70s, and its influence on styles such as Stoner Rock.
Rock in its purest state in Las Brujas de Alins.

Distorsiones Alternative, Grunge, Shoegaze, Nu gaze
From 6 to 8pm
Monday to Friday

It all started when the distorted sound of the guitars generated endless styles.

On the one hand Alternative Rock and on the other Shoegaze, genres that were born long ago and defy current trends music, styles that trigger sensations and defend the essence of rock to send its message through Distorsiones.



Revolución Urbana Post Punk, Mutant Disco, Dance Punk, Manchester
From 08 to 10 pm
From Monday to Sunday

Towards the end of the 1970s, the world of rock underwent a change that manifested itself in an aesthetic and artistic revolution, which produced hundreds of independent record labels and a new slope of musical genres.

Urban Revolution is a journey through Post Punk, Dance Punk, Ska Revival and the different fusions that were influenced by the beginning of a new decade.

La Niebla Gothic Rock, Dark Wave, classics and new releases
From 10 to 12 am
From Monday to Friday

Gothic Rock starts with the first steps in the mid-70s, the dark music was fused with rock to create exponents that were and are a great influence today such as Bauhaus, Clan of Xymox, The Cure in its beginnings and many more.
Today the Dark Wave as a second generation of goths, we find bands like The Frozen Autumn, Love is Colder Than Death etc.