Revolución Urbana

Revolución Urbana

From Monday to Sunday

From 20 to 22h

Post Punk Classics and New Releases

Towards the end of the 70s a new movement called Post Punk appeared, manifested itself in an aesthetic and artistic revolution, which produced a large number of independent record labels and hundreds of groups.

Revolución Urbana are divided into two parts:
From 20 to 21: Post Punk Classics
From 21 to 22: Post Punk New Releases

Parquet Courts

Sympathy for Life

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Fallacy of Fairness


Grand National


Uneasy Laughter


Acts of Worship

A Certain Ratio

ACR Loco


Group Disease

Everything Everything, Gang of Four

Natural’s Not in It


Flashy Lights, Underground

The Bolshoi

Bigger Giants