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Patrones de Sonido

From 06 to 08h

This space is mainly dominated by guitars and drums that are characteristic instruments of Math Rock, but without a doubt the drums is the instrument that provides the most complexity in this genre. They also join Math Rock, Post Rock, and Progressive Rock.

Math Rock, Post Rock and Progressive Rock


From 08h to 12hFrom 13h to 15h

A style that began in the 50s, with the passage of time it evolved.
Independent music today gives us a range of styles fused with its two sources as the main threads, Folk and Rock.

Indie Folk and Rock

Caja de Ritmos

From 12h to 14hFrom 19h to 22h

Caja de Ritmos is a combination of Electronic Music with Pop Music, this translates into Indie Pop songs with the sound experimentation of Electronic Music plus Funk or Rock structures.

Hypnagogic pop, Indietrónica, fusion between Pop and Electronic sounds

Sobre las Olas

From 14h to 16hFrom 15h to 17h

Neo Psychedelia is a style that emerged in the late 1970s in Post Punk circles. Although he has mainly influenced Alternative Rock and Indie bands.
Neo Psychedelia can include snippets of Psychedelic Pop, jingling guitar rock, heavily distorted free form improvisations, or recording experiments.

Neo Psicodelia


From 16h to 18hFrom 11h to 13h

Music that crosses borders and reaches different cultures, creating a harmony of languages where Spanish, Portuguese, Basque or Catalan are mixed.

Music that has as the main language Spanish, Catalan or Portuguese


From 18h to 20h

Supersónica presents us with two styles, Dreampop and Shoegaze, on one hand, Dreampop, is characterized by creating atmospheres and sound textures as well as the pop melody, including female voices in its compositions as the main element.
On the other hand, Shoegaze is a subgenre of alternative rock and Indie Rock characterized by its ethereal mix of dark voices, distortion and guitar effects.

Dreampop, Shoegaze

Los Románticos

From 20h to 00h

Towards the end of the 70s a new movement called Post Punk originated, it manifested itself in an aesthetic and artistic revolution, which produced countless independent record labels and hundreds of groups.

Los Románticos are divided into three parts:
From 20 to 21: The origin of Post Punk.
From 21 to 22: Post Punk in our days
From 22 to 24: Dark Wave

Post Punk, Dark Wave

Mundo Digital

From 17h to 19h

In this space we take a tour of the main genres that were influenced by the sounds of the eighties that were based on synthesizers.
This block is divided into 3 parts that covers the main genres that go around in actuality.

From 19 to 20h: Vaporwave
From 20 to 21h: Synthpop and Synthwave
From 21 to 22h: Coldwave

SynthPop, Synthwave, Vaporwave, Coldwave

La Nave

From 22h to 00h

The origins of Electroclash date back to the early 90s, where Techno ingredients were mixed with Pop and Disco Music.
This space goes the long way from Electroclash to the present day.

Electroclash, Electronic Rock

From 17h to 19h


The most outstanding moments of Ultravoz gathered in a compilation of Indie Rock, Post Punk, Neo Psicodelia and Electrónica.

Ruido Blanco

From 08h to 11h

Various fused musical styles that give rise to works that are based on Electronic or purely acoustic sounds, you will find works that are close to Jazz, Soul, Folk, Ambient music or music that is not defined in a specific style.

Jazz, Soul, Folk, Electronic Ambient or sounds difficult to categorize in a specific style.

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Highlighted Albums

Royal Blood

How Did We Get So Dark?

Alternative Rock

Queens of the Stone Age

Rated R

Stoner Rock

Black Mountain


Stoner Rock


Yellow & Green

Stoner Rock

All Them Witches

Sleeping Through the War

Stoner Rock

B Planet

Red Snapper


(V.E.H.N) Viaje épico hacia la nada

Love of Lesbian

Rock in Spanish

Black Mountain

Juniors Eyes

Neo Psychedelia

A Certain Ratio

ACR Loco

Post Punk

MACROSS 82–99 (マクロス)

NEO TOKYO (ネオ東京)