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Mundo Digital

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SynthPop Classics and New Releases

Mundo Digital's journey begins in the mid-seventies, when synths began to merge with Independent Rock, Pop and Electronics.
Towards the beginning of the 80's Synthpop was born out of all that experimentation and it quickly transformed into a massive style that would reach every corner of the planet.
The end of this journey will take us to the present of this genre and its transformation.

From 10 to 11h: SynthPop Classics
From 11 to 12h: SynthPop New Releases

Main Artists
Code of Ethics

Visual Paradox


A Secret Wish

Tubeway Army


Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Dead or Alive

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know.

Le Couleur

Voyage Love


Living Other Lives




Tigre (Velvet Condom Remix)

Godforsaken Roads

Black Strobe