Los Románticos

Los Romanticos

From Mondays to Fridays

From 20h to 00h

Post Punk, Dark Wave

Towards the end of the 70s a new movement called Post Punk originated, it manifested itself in an aesthetic and artistic revolution, which produced countless independent record labels and hundreds of groups.

Los Románticos are divided into three parts:
From 20 to 21: The origin of Post Punk.
From 21 to 22: Post Punk in our days
From 22 to 24: Dark Wave

Main Artists

Grand National


Uneasy Laughter


Acts of Worship

A Certain Ratio

ACR Loco


Group Disease

Everything Everything, Gang of Four

Natural’s Not in It


Flashy Lights, Underground

The Bolshoi

Bigger Giants

Adore Life


The Acrobat

Death of Lovers